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Rescue 2014 Must-See Moments

France is delighted to host the World’s best lifesavers for 15 days of competition, 6 championships.
The public may attend all of the competition at Antigone pool or at the beach of La Grande Motte. Admission is free.
Download the Must-See Program of the 2014 RESCUE here.

News about Rescue 2014

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Ranking National Team after first day

You can dowload the ranking after the first day here.



The traditional gala of the International Federation (ILS) was held Monday in the hall of the Pasino at La Grande Motte. 

Many speakers took the microphone, beginning with Stephan Rossignol, mayor of La Grande Motte and Rapha Bernard, president of the FFSS.

Between live artistic performances and some tasty food, the International Life Saving took the boon to honor several individuals working for the rescue. Jean-Pierre Soubiran, vice president of the FFSS has been invited by Harald Vervaecke, Secretary General, and Graham Ford, President of ILS on stage. Mr Soubiran was already present in 1994, during the creation of the international federation, formed by the merger of FIS and World Life Saving. Australian Greg Allum was also invited on stage to be highlighted for their dedication. For his part, Bernard Rapha wanted to highlight all the French actors who have worked for months to prepare the Rescue, including the regional coordinated by Sébastien Hervé step.

Nations day 1 - France takes the lead !


The day after a moving and explosive opening ceremony, the world championship of nations, Rescue 2014 main event, started on September 17 in Montpellier, in an electric atmosphere! New Zealand crowned in 2012 for the title and Australia dreams of regaining the trophy. France intends to arbitrate and maintain, at least, the 3rd largest global ...


Third world title for Luengas


The long-awaited showdown between Maria Luengas and Justine Weyders on the 100m rescue tube.

Both champions have literally put the Antigone pool on fire... Indeed, Justine fights immediately the world record (58 94 s) on his show! But moments later,Maria appropriates the clock reference 58 s 21! A big premiere for her. The final evening is gonna be majestic ... The Spanish athlete confirms her supremacy and retains her title, improving the world record (58 s 03)! Justine broke her personal best and won a silver medal (58 s 26).

Naomi Flood (AUS), queen of the surf ski, completed the podium and Johanna Harel took a great 4th place. The men's final was dominated unsurprisingly by Marcel Hassemeier (50 39 s). The above German compatriot Adrian Flugel and Dutchman Ruud Van Bommel. Jeremy Badré and Antoine finished 5th and 6th in the final.


All Blacks impressive

On the 200m obstacles, the New Zealander Samantha Lee crushes the final ... She won in a time of 2 min 05 s 11 in front of Margaux Fabre and the other All Black Natasha Hind. Magali Rousseau ranks 5th worldwide. The country title holder impressed, especially since Steven Kent (NZE) won the men race in the excellent time of 1 min 53 s33. He beats compatriot Andy McMillan of 20/100. Thomas Villaceca and Marvin Maisonneuve are ranked 5th and 8th.


French at the rendez-vous

If the Germans are famaizing, the French lifesavers do not suffer from the comparison. Present in all the finals, they reap valuable capital points overall ... Like the 100 Medley. Samantha Lee also shows impressive as obstacles (1 min 09 s 18), but Magali Rousseau climbs on the second step of the podium! Silvia Meschiari (ITA) complete the winning trio and Margaux Fabre takes 6th. For boys, the title went to Danny Wieck (ALL) in 1 min 00 s 52, ahead of only five hundredths Andy McMillan and Steven Kent of 25/100.Beautiful performance of Marvin Maisonneuve (5th). After the first day, playedin an indescribable atmosphere, France took the lead in the competition ahead of New Zealand and Australia. Fabulous!


It promises to be five days of madness ... Both relays obstacles, french girls and boys, became vice-world champions and the mannikin relay girls finished 5th in the final.

Seey ou on Thursday for the 200 SLS, 100 mannikin carry with fins in the 50 mannikin carry and the medley relay where the French hold the world record ...

It's gonna be amazing !


Bruno Magne - Coureur d'Ecume magazine

Photos : Michel Dumargue

About the event

Bixente Lizarazu
Bixente Lizarazu

Bixente Lizarazu supports Rescue 2014

" Ocean lifesaving is a noble discipline practiced by men and women for whom I have a profound admiration. First, because they save lives, but also because of their relationship with the sea, which is portrayed in the experience and humility next to this natural element."