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Rescue 2014 Must-See Moments

France is delighted to host the World’s best lifesavers for 15 days of competition, 6 championships.
The public may attend all of the competition at Antigone pool or at the beach of La Grande Motte. Admission is free.
Download the Must-See Program of the 2014 RESCUE here.

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Photo: Frederic BaldranPhoto: Frederic Baldran

The beach event started this fridayon the « Couchant » beach in La Grande Motte. And as expected, Australianclubs reigned supreme ... On the 90 m sprint. Symonds Jackson (Sorrento) becameworld champion at the end of a very undecided final. The photo finish helpedthe fina decision! Next on the rank, Tomas Nolan (North Cottesloe), Kodi Harman(Papamoa - New Zealand), Chris Parry (the only European - Penybont) and JakeLynch (Newport). Hayley Whiper (Currumbin) wins the women's sprint, GabrielleMurphy (Perth) wins silver and Bree Masters (Kurrawa) wins bronze.


Smith and Lahey, like in 2012

Like in 2012 at Christies Beach,Kristyl Smith (Northcliffe) left no chance to his rivals in the surf race. Her listof records and victories is huge, but the Australian is insatiable (photo) ! Thefrench and local, Margaux Fabre (Aqualove) ranks fifth. The men's final is likein 2012 As in Australia, Dev Lahey (Northcliffe) precedes his famous teammateShannon Eckstein. Marvin Maisonneuve (Perpignan) gets a nice 9th place.

Photo: Frederic BaldranPhoto: Frederic Baldran

Photo: Frederic BaldranPhoto: Frederic Baldran


Notten everywhere

The 2 km beach run is marked by thevictory of Anna Notten (Fish Hoek). After winning silver on the long distancepaddleboard race on Monday, South Africa's athele is this time the mostprecious metal. Note the 5th th place of the local Lysianne Vallat (Aqualove).For boys, the Canadian Jordan Andersen (Ottawa) was the fastest during race.

Bruno Magne. Coureur d’Ecume

Photo: Frederic Baldran



Interclubs pool races are over.

Friday, the SLS 200, the rescue tube relay and the SERC were scheduled. And as usual, Magali Rousseau (Rane Rosse) was in a great shape. She dominates the 200 SLS in 2 min 24 s 93 ! A 50/100, Margaux Fabre (Aqualove - Montpellier) continues to assert herself among the stars of the Rescue 2014. Jessica Luster (DLRG Halle) completed the podium. The men's final was won by Daniele Sanna (Rane Rosse) in 2 min 11 s10 (2 minutes away from 05 s made by Hassemeier during nations).Thomas Vilaceca continues his harvest of medals, with silver (2 min 13 s 01) and Mattia Lentini completes the triumph of Rane Rosseon the 3rd step

Photo Michel DumerguePhoto Michel Dumergue

Scafati creates surprise

The girls final on the Rescue tube relay will remain as one of the highlights of the fortnight. Rane Rosse and Northcliffe ignited Antigone. The italian (including Justine Weyders and Sylvia Meschiari) occur in 1 min 40 sec 33 (photo), 30/100 before the Australians led by Kristyl Smith and Christina Ruiz.The German club Halle won bronze. The male Rescue tube relay was even more indecisive ! With, in the end,  a big surprise : The victory of the Club Scafati, a town in Campania, on the west coast of Italy. The club won in 1 min 30 s 52, before Stralsund (ALL) to... 4/100! The polish, Wroclaw completes this unprecedented podium. 
Photo Michel DumerguePhoto Michel Dumergue

SERC, Crawley Town Life Saving Club victorious

The English club, Crawley Town Life Saving Club England has succesfule won the SERC.The australians from Bronte and the french from Perpignan drop silver and bronze. After three days of competition, the Romans Rane Rosse dominate the rankings and Perpignan occupies the fourth place worldwide. Huge ! 

Place the beach eventsin La Grande Motte, where Northcliffe and Shannon Eckstein should win it all ... 


Bruno Magne.

Coureur d'Ecume

Photos : Michel Dumergue.

 Photo Michel DumerguePhoto Michel Dumergue


Rane Rosse was inspired by recruiting Magali Rousseau and Justine Weyders for these world championships.The Romans made the right choice ! Wednesday, Magali indeed brought many issues into the hands of the Italians dominating the 100m carry with fins and the 100 m rescue medley (likes in the nations). She confirmed that she his the queen of the Rescue series ! Magali wins the race in 51.95. Pamela Hendry (Maroochydore) took second place in 53.79 and Justine Weyders (Rane Rosse) finished third in54.03.


Szkudlarek gives a « rendez-vous »

Three years to wait for the World Games to be held in his hometown, Pawel Szkudlarek gives a« rendez-vous » winning the 100 manikin carry, in the great time of 45.74 ! The German, January Malkowski (Schloe Holte Stukenbrock) took silver in 46.35. German, Tom Lommers (Heythuysen) climbs on the 3rd step (46.44) and Antoine Thos (Perpignan) ranks eighth. The women's final of the rescue tubes sees the traditional duel Luengas-Weyders to the advantage of the Spanish for... 3/100 ! The athlete from Alcareno realizes 59.33. Note that the 3rd place has been won by Laura Pranzo (Centro Nueto Nichelino) in 1,00,48. She was one ofthe great absent from the nations competition...


Double victory for Stralsund

Ricardo Bianchi (RaneRosse) wins the men's final in 51.91. He beats Anil Sezen (DLRG Schwerte) in 51.98 and Anthoine Thos from Perpignan (52.56). That is a new record for France ! On the 100 m Medley, no surprise ... The winners of the first week are back !

Magali Rousseau wins in 1,12,82. She completes the winning trio with Silvia Meschiari (Rane Rosse) in 1,14,52 and Christina Ruiz (Northcliffe) in 1,14,69. For men, the German Stralsund club double wins ! Danny Wieck (1,01,20) precedes Christian Ertel (1,01,92) and Australian Andrew Bowden (Bronte) in 1,03,04. Marvin Maisonneuve (Perpignan) performs the final in 1,05,82.

Photo Frédéric Baldran

Photo Frédéric Baldran

Photo Frédéric Baldran

Photo Frédéric Baldran


Duel Roma - Northcliffe

Like in 2012, the worldtitled club will probably be decided between the Italians, Rane Rosse, and the Australians,Northcliffe. The Romans must earn as many points as possible in Antigone because their rivals will crush the beach competition... The italians dominated the manikin relay, girls even won the world record (1,05,81) with Magali Rousseau in this fire quartet !


Photo Frédéric Baldran

Photo Frédéric Baldran


Bruno Magne

Coureur d’Ecume

Photo Frédéric Baldran    


About the event

Bixente Lizarazu
Bixente Lizarazu

Bixente Lizarazu supports Rescue 2014

" Ocean lifesaving is a noble discipline practiced by men and women for whom I have a profound admiration. First, because they save lives, but also because of their relationship with the sea, which is portrayed in the experience and humility next to this natural element."